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About us


Bicycle Rental and Repair Shop.
We also sell a wide range of bicycle accessories.
We rent other vehicles such as quadricycles, baby strollers.

Bicycle rental in Oropesa del Mar

If you are looking to rent or repair your bike in Oropesa, come and see us. We have a wide range of bicycles at your disposition so that you can enjoy a memorable holidays or escapade.

Apart from the rental, we also have a workshop service to tune up or fix your bike

Finally, we have a selection of accessories and spare parts to enjoy your bike in the best conditions.

  • Wide range of bicycles for rent: Touring, MTB Mountain, Electric, Scooters, Quadricycles, Strollers, baby seats.
  • Rental from 1 hour up to 1 month, Adjusted prices
  • Expert bicycle mechanics team
  • Payment with credit / debit cards
  • We speak english!


Bicycle Rental

We offer you a wide range of bicycles. For the kids, mountain bikes, touring bikes and even electric bikes for our "vía verde".

bicycle rental in Oropesa

Quadricycle Rental

Have fun with 4 people with our trendy vehicle. Discover our latest generation quadricycles.

quadricycles rental in Oropesa del Mar

Repair and Accessories

You need to tune up your bike, change a wheel, repair anything, etc. This is your bike repair shop in Orpesa

bicycle repair and maintenance workshop

Camping Bravo Playa

Camping Riberamar

Mon Cubic

Price list

We rent a wide range of bicycles of all kinds, from 3€ per hour. We also have spare parts, boutique and workshop service.

Discover Oropesa del Mar

Oropesa del Mar, Playa de la concha

La concha, Morro de Gos, Las Playetas, La Renega, el Puerto deportivo

Between the beach of La Concha and the last foothills of the Sierra de Oropesa, which go into the sea, is one of the most attractive and picturesque marinas on the Mediterranean coast. It has modern facilities and capacity for 711 moorings. The bay shape of this beach protects it from winds and currents and gives it a singular beauty. You can perform many activities, as it has a wide variety of services among which we highlight the fact of being a beach adapted for people with reduced mobility.

The beach of Morro de Gos, is located north of Cape Oropesa opens this long beach, white sand, ideal for water sports scenario. It is flanked in its entirety by a quiet promenade that invites you to relax and offers numerous services.

La Renegà is a set of small coves of rocks and coarse sand, sculpted by the sea and wind, surrounded by a tangled vegetation that makes it a practically magical place. It is the ideal environment for its seabed for scuba diving or to spend the day among the lush pine forests that reach almost to the shore. It can be reached by car or walking the greenway of the sea, the old railway line.

Más información sobre las playas de Oropesa

vía verde de Oropesa del Mar

Our greatest treasure:
La vía verde del Mar

La vía verde del Mar runs along the rugged and natural coastline that separates Benicàssim and Oropesa del Mar: the result of the Sierra de Oropesa pouring into the sea. It has a length of 5.7Km. The protagonist is a landscape where the old train, in its effort to advance in such difficult orography, has left its mark as monumental works such as deep trenches, a long illuminated tunnel, metal bridges...

Type of road surface:
Vía Verde: double road surface. Asphalt and compacted gravel. Bike lane: asphalt

Natural Environment:
Beaches of Benicàssim and Oropesa del Mar. Rocky coastline and cliffs (in a natural state) at the foot of the Sierra de Oropesa. Natural park Desierto de las Palmas in Benicàssim.

More info about la vía verde

Oropesa del Mar marina d'or

Marina d'Or

Our shops is in Oropesa (playa de la concha) close to Marina d'or

Marina d'Or - Ciudad de Vacaciones, is a resort located in the municipality of Oropesa del Mar, on the Mediterranean coast of the Valencian Community, with hotels, 8 leisure parks, seawater spa.

It occupies an area of approximately 1,400,000 square meters, of which more than 500,000 meters are destined to green areas and landscaped areas, in addition to various sports and recreational facilities typical of the tourist nature of the urbanization.

Prat de Cabanes, Torreblanca

Prat de Cabanes

El Prat de Cabanes - Torreblanca is a narrow coastal strip of marsh and swamp land formed by Quaternary deposits. It is the main wetland area of the province of Castellón, and at the same time one of the least altered wetland habitats in the Valencian Community. Its special landscape, geological and ecological characteristics give it a great value in the context of the Valencian natural heritage. Its importance is recognized on a global scale with the inclusion of the area in the List of Wetlands of International Importance, established under the Convention on Wetlands or Ramsar, signed in 1971.

Read more about el Prat

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